Adress: Im Dorf 1 99439 Heichelheim
Weimar, Germany
Tel.: 0049/3643/9000-15
The Potato Dumpling Museum is a instition of the
Förderverein "Heichelheimer Kartoffel" e.V.

Museum opening times:  Thursday to Sunday 11-16 Uhr
November - März: Thursday to Friday 11 - 16 Uhr

Admission fee: 2,00 Euro for adults
                       1,00 Euro for childs (under 18)

Route discription

Heichelheim  is very near by Weimar, in the  cultural and culinary heart of Germany.

With a taxi (up to 9 persons) 03643/903600 it´s from the railway station to the museum about 12,- Euro.